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About Us

First Landing K9 Search & Rescue

An all volunteer canine search and recovery organization that uses specially trained dogs in the detection of human remains. We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

We work directly with local and federal law enforcement, fire and rescue agencies. Our services are provided free of charge to any requesting agency. We also provide free educational programs to our community by request.

Canine search and recovery work is a costly endeavor. Our handlers cover most expenses, however the continuation of our mission would not be possible without the support of the communities we serve. We rely on public donations for equipment, uniforms and expenses to travel to training and deployments. We work primarily in the state of Virginia but some of our members have deployed to other states as well as other countries.

First Landing K9 SAR members have experience in and have responded to the following types of cases:

  • Homicides
  • Suicides
  • Cold Cases
  • Natural Disasters
  • Lost Persons
  • Evidence searches
  • Plane crashes

First Landing K9 SAR members are required to undergo extensive training and certification for both the dog and handler. In addition, all members must pass a background check.

Why we do it...

At some point in time in everyone's life, they suffer the loss of a loved one. Laying our loved one to rest is part of the healing and recovery process.

When a person dies as a result of tragedy (homicide, suicide, natural disaster, etc) sometimes their remains are not easily located.  We train our dogs to maximize their fantastic sense of smell and "search" the air.

This greatly reduces the amount of time necessary to locate the victim. Often the victim is buried or hidden making it almost impossible to locate them without using these specially trained dogs. Giving peace of mind to the victim's family is what keeps us going. 

Our dogs (and handler's) train for all kinds of weather and terrain.  Our teams also have received specialized training in dealing with various subjects such as crime scene preservation.

If you have any questions about our group or want to schedule a demonstration or would like to see if canine search and rescue is for you, please contact us at 757-204-1696. We welcome potential members as well as any individual interested in our capabilities to any of our training sessions!

We do not charge for our services. Any support you can provide would be put to good use and greatly appreciated!


Contact our team at or 757-204-1696